About the Exopolitics Journal
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About the Exopolitics Journal

The Exopolitics Journal is an online resource established for individuals wanting to study the key actors, institutions and processes associated with the extra- terrestrial hypothesis. It will become a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to understand the political implications of multiple sources of evidence concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis that our Earth is currently being visited and monitored by extraterrestrial races.

The Exopolitics Journal will be published as a quarterly on the Internet. As a result, the Journal is able to keep production costs to a minimum and can be more creative than a standard print journal. The creation of the Exopolitics Journal coincides with the public launch of the Exopolitics Institute which provides the institutional home for the Journal.

You can support the Exopolitics Journal in two ways. One is to submit high quality articles that will be of interest to those attracted to accurate research on Exopolitics. The second is to financially support the Journal and its editors by becoming a member of the Expolitics Institute (click here).

The Exopolitics Journal accepts submissions from the general public. Please examine submission requirements here. The Inaugural Edition of the Journal was released on October 1, 2005, with the theme "Discovering Exopolitics." Subsequent editions of the Exopolitics Journal will appear at the start of Jan, April, August and October each year. Subscription to the Journal is free.

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Chief Editor
Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Email: drsalla@exopoliticsinstitute.org

Editorial Advisors
Thomas Hansen, Ph.D
Email: thansen103@aol.com

Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D
Email: rh@rebeccahardcastle.com

Proof Editor
Jack Davis

Angelika Whitecliff

Web Design
Manuel Lamiroy


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