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Moon Hoax Articles

Who Mourns For Apollo?

Who Mourns For Apollo?- Part II

Who Mourns For Apollo? - Part III

Another Nail in The Moon "Hoax" Coffin

The Apollo "C" Rock Revealed

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Mare Crisium
Steve's Follow up
Mike's Follow up
Mare Crisium / Malibu Part II
Double Craters in Hortensius

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New Mars Face Image Analysis

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

New "City" Cydonia Image Analysis
Part II

New Enhancements of "City" Features
from second Cydonia Image

Response to NASA's James Oberg's analysis of STS-48 video

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A Lunar Anomalies Editorial

Where is the informed criticism of Richard Hoagland?
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New Research supports Artificiality of Tycho Anomalies

A New View of Tycho Anomaly

Image Enhancement 101
(Special to The Enterprise Mission)

SPSR Wimps Out

Hoagland Career Biography on

Supporting Image for Above in October 98 Data Points

Hoagland and Torun's Original Paper "The Message of Cydonia" now  Available on TLAHP in June 1998 "Data Points" section.

TLAHP Noted in "Fortean Times" Article
Pick up the August issue (US #112) with the Egyptian Mask on the cover.

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Mike Bara

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Bob Wonderland's "Super Bowl City"

From "Arlo and Janis"
Thanx to LRJO

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Feature Articles

The Second City of Cydonia

End of Days Part V
New Enhancements Prove Laney's Cydonia IR

PC Environmental Policies Killed Columbia
and Her Crew

Images For 2/12/03 Coast to Coast AM Show

Check Out LA's Steve Troy Appearing on
Gary Legierre's Martian Revelation Radio

Report on Albuquerque Conference

The CIA and The Search For Noah's Ark

Triesnecker Pyramid

More IR Lies from "Bamf" ...
Or More Subtle "Coded" Clues?

Eroding Ruins Similar to Cydonia
IR Images Found

Pravda Online Cites Hoagland In
Moon Anomalies Article

Making the "Dark Side" Light ...

New Image of the Face on Mars

The "Patent Leather" Truth?

Are Lunar Microfossils Evidence
 of Past Habitation?

Scientists Argue For "Panspermia" Idea

TLP's - Gas, or Glass?

NASA "Discovers" Water on Mars --
But Has No Idea What They are Seeing 

"Fuzzy" Views Mars

Jeff Rense Attempts to Take Credit for
 Hoagland's Discovery Posted Weeks ago

Vesa Vehmasvuori's "Mars Anomalies"
 Message Board

Speed of Light Exceeded - Einstein's
Relativity Collapses - Hyperdimensional Physics 
Makes a Leap Forward

Malin Dumps 25,000 new Mars images on the Net

The Tom Corbett Lunar Pyramid

Lunar Anomalies, Tetrahedral Model of Cydonia, Hyperdimensional Physics and Exploded 
Planet Hypothesis All Discovered
-- In 1955 Children's Story! 

Art Bell Retires - Welcome Mike Siegel

Crisium Bridge is Falling Down!

The Blair Cuspids - A Lunar Anomalies Take

Even More "Blair Cuspid" Articles

Second Kepler Report

"Roman City" in Kepler?

TLP's confirmed

Ancient Moon Map discovered

"12th Planet" Discovered?

Comet Impact At "Any Moment?"

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The "Table of Coincidence"

New Journal Article supporting the
Exploded Planet Hypothesis

New Images of Sinus Medii in June '99 Data Points

By the Way, on Hubble ...?

Hubble Shoots the Moon

Steve Troy Reveals the "Big One" - Kepler Crater

Are Double Craters Caused by "Image Smear?"

More Images of  UFO's Over Turret Peak
December 7th, 1998

SOHO Spots a New Solar System Member (Again)
Then Goes Offline (Again)

New Article on the "Blair Cuspids"

The Inmates are Running the Asylum

Side by Side Comparisons of two "Fireballs"

Video of a Fireball?

Project Samson is No Metaphor

NEXRAD Radar Images Confirm Turret Peak "Pulse"

UFO's Near Turret Peak on December 7th?

Did HAARP "Plan Evil Weather" for December 7th?

"Landing Site" Revealed - And STS-88
Follows the Symbolic Pattern

Is This Why SOHO was Taken Out?

NASA Gives Zarya/Horus the (3)3rd Degree

A Hoax is a Hoax, Of Course of Course
Mike Bara
Richard C. Hoagland

Oh My God, They Killed SOHO!
Mike Bara
Richard C. Hoagland

Orwell and the Internet
(Special to the Enterprise Mission)


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